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Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. David Erb and Dr. Kimberly Erb


Drs. David and Kimberly Erb have been in practice for over 20 years and have offices in Coppell and Southlake, Texas. In 2010, they opened a clinic in Zimbabwe, Africa where they cared for thousands. In 2012, they were two of the elite chiropractors invited to the London Olympics by the USA Wrestling, USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, and Paralympic USA Sitting Volleyball Teams! They have three amazing children and reside in Coppell, TX.

Together Drs. Erb hold multiple degrees, certification and specialties in Chiropractic, Neurology, Nutrition, Pediatric & Prenatal Chiropractic Care, Neurotoxicity, Whiplash & Traumatology, as well as, Advanced Spinal Correction.

Dr. Kimberly coaches and cares for thousands of patients and doctors around the world with cutting edge blood and urine testing, called Metabolix, that customizes individual nutrition as well as removes harmful toxins from the body. She is also trained in full body Thermography testing that assists in detecting the cause of disease.

Dr. David and Kimberly are passionate, internationally sought-after speakers, trainers, and coaches. They hold seminars on topics of weight loss, brain, autoimmunity, cancer, hormones, fitness, and much more; always striving to empower people to reach their full potential in every area of their lives.

Drs. Erb provide an environment of hope to patients from 1 day old to 100 years old, striving to bring what their patients call, “The Greatest Place of Hope and Healing,” to as many people possible around the world!

Dr. Diem Le


Born and raised in Garland, TX I graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Kinesiology in 2013. All my life, I’ve known that I was put on this Earth to help people. A friend of mine who was attending Parker University, told me to go shadow a chiropractor because I might enjoy what I see. I fell in love, applied to Parker immediately, and then began my chiropractic journey. Fast forward a couple years later, I graduated from Parker and earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in December of 2017.

During the course of my education, I was blessed enough with a chance not only to serve the people in Haiti with chiropractic care in April of 2016 but also got to live and experience Mexico for 2 months at the end of 2017, working as an Chiropractic intern in the school’s clinic there. The people I got to meet, the sights I got to see, the experiences I got to live through are something I’ll forever cherish close to my heart.

I’ve been with Erb Family Wellness and MaxLiving since December 2017. I was so excited to work that I started the Monday after my graduation! Every day here at the office is always full of life and energy. I’ve not only heard but also witnessed everything from patients getting off of their extensive list of medications to women who couldn’t get pregnant, be able to get pregnant and many other things along the miracle spectrum that happens here. Being around people who not only understand the importance of Chiropractic care but also about making healthy lifestyle changes and choices has been refreshing and invigorating. I love that I’m able to help change lives for the better and be able to grow with/ walk beside patients in their journey of health and wellness.

A firm believer of when God opens one door, he closes another, that’s exactly what happened whenever Chiropractic found me. I am blessed and humbled to be a part of MaxLiving and an amazing team at Erb Family Wellness, and I’m excited to see where this glorious life will take me!

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Rebecca Gugeler

Office Manager

I’ve been with Erb Family Wellness since February 2014. I’ve witnessed many miracles in our office, but personally, my biggest miracle was the birth of my beautiful daughter. This was especially incredible because I was told having children would be very difficult or not possible at all, but after working with the Erb’s and being under care with the 5 Essentials, I now have a beautiful daughter! I love being able to help and see people get their lives changed for the better. It’s truly amazing walking through people’s transformations with them and being there to celebrate all of their victories on their path to good health. I am forever grateful to the experiences I’ve been through and witness by being a part of the MaxLiving Mission and apart of the Erb Family Wellness Team!

Giovanna Prather

Chiropractic Assistant

I’ve been with the Erbs’ since March 2015 and love being able to help people change their lives and see miracles happen daily. Personally, my family’s lives have changed for the better; we are more conscious about the food we eat and have a complete understanding of what the central system does and that WE have the power to heal ourselves!

I’ve seen countless patients change their lives for the better, walking without canes, allergies gone, headaches gone and illness reversed!! It’s been an amazing journey so far!

Dorota Konecky

Chiropractic Assistant

In September 2011, my husband dragged me to his Doctor’s Report at Erb Family Wellness. I did not want to see another chiropractor, naturopath or another doctor, because we had already been looking for answers and solutions for our declining health with no results for years and years, and another chiropractor sounded like a waste time and playing with our hopes AGAIN. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. A month later I was a part of the Erb Family Wellness team and mine and my families’ results were life changing. Days, weeks, and years later we are still thriving, my husband, Neal, is not in a wheelchair; I am alive and healthy; and our daughter, Corinne, has a razy-happy family. Erb Family Wellness was and is THE MIRACLE we were looking for!

After starting my journey with Erb Family Wellness, very quickly I got used to seeing miracles and healing every day; by now I’ve seen so many sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it is actual reality. I love watching our patients healing not just their bodies, but their lives, bringing in their families & friends; sharing about their wins with coworkers and people they know. True health is contagious. I love supporting and guiding them during tough times and then moments later seeing them flourish because of their application to the steps we teach and changes they decided to make. “It is a place of HOPE” as Dr. David says!

Bryna Hayth

Marketing CA

I have been a part of the MaxLiving family since February 2011! Having a degree in Health and Exercise Science I have always been active and thought that I ate well; but MaxLiving takes health to an all new level with the 5 Essentials and their wonderful patient education! I’ve been to over 80 workshops, and I still come away with something new learned and restored confidence in my power of choice when it comes to what I put into my body and how I take care of it!

After applying the principles of the 5 Essentials, I was able to get off all Hypothyroid medications and restore my thyroid health!

Shannon Poehler

Chiropractic Assistant

I have been with MaxLiving since November 2017, any my miracles are astounding! After 2 back surgeries and a failed fusion, my 12-yearlong pain became a part of my identity. Since receiving care and living the 5 Essentials, my back pain is significantly reduced and my medication has been reduced by half!

Also, as a beautiful byproduct of care, my blood pressure medication has also been reduced by half leaving me less stressed and calmer. My teenage daughter has just begun her own journey to healing and after just two adjustments and a hyperbaric treatment, her chronic and massive plantar wart disappeared without a trace leaving her even more excited about her treatment.

I am passionate about my position here and can’t wait to witness more Maximized Miracles!


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